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Paper Sheet Flexo Printting  Machine

  • Machine is consisting two cast side wall fitted with strong pipe binders.

  • Casted side bracket with Ball bearing housing with two row of ball bearing to hold main drum 30" Diameter fitted with fabricated Gear wheel.

  • All Gear wheel are HOV cut to ensure smooth running of the Machine.

  • One Anilox Roll with 180 engraving and One neoprene Coated m.s. Shell to transfer color to the stereo, Color Tray & Tray Cover.

  • Pressure Roller beneath the main drum is from Heavy Duty sheamless Pipe duly Grinded and hard Chrom Plated. 

  • Rear Printed paper collacting platform which saves the cost of one labour.

  • Reduction gear unit of heavy duty complete with V-belt Pullies with V- belt, Chain wheels with Chain tightening device.

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