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Automatic Paper Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine

  • We are manufacturing Roll Cutting machines 36", 48", 52", 60", 70"100”and more

  • Each Machine Cutting 7 to 10 Tonnes material within 24 hours.

  • Machine has cut 1 to 30 Paper Rolls cutting at a time.

  • Machine is available to cut paper of 20 G.S.M to 1000 G.S.M Easily.

  • Machine is providing with Digital Counting attachment.

  • Machine has D- cerl system for removing paper fold at the end of paper roll.

  • Machine Cutting Knife is made from tempered D2 material.

  • Machine is providing with slitting attachments.

  • Machine Speed is 100 strokes per Minute.

  • Automatic stacker System with auto down is available in our Machine.

  • Machine is available with Tab Insider.

  • Along with Machine 3 H.P.A.C  Electric motor for the size of 36", 48" and 52"

  • Machine 5 H.P.A.C Electric motor for the size of 60" and 70"

  • Pulley Cover Attachment is Included in the Machine

  • Brake system and levelling attachment on every Paper roll stands.

  • Heavy Duty  Paper Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine with Slitting Attachment One Line with your plant Type cutting size to different size in length

  • Machine is available to cut 150 mm to 3000 mm.

  • Machine is available to load a Maximum 1200 mm Paper Roll Dia or as per Requirements.

  • Paper roll Core dia is 70 mm to 100 mm. and Making as per Requirements.

Automatic Paper Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine
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